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Here you can find various Proof of Concepts and demo's of blockchain and smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain
for more information or live demo's please contact Olivier Rikken @ orikken@axveco.com or +316 11394 292

project 0 - OurSurance - a true p2p blockchain based insurer

project 1 - simple state variable change

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project 2 - simple cash management
Balans boven 1 ether op SC wordt automatisch afgeroomd en balans onder 1 ether wordt door SC aangezuiverd

project 3 - example of triple entry accounting and real time tax payments
In this project, a client can pay to the payment receival account of the supplier (the smart contract)
this smart contract automatically returns the hash of the transaction (proof) and calculates
the VAT (BTW), extracts that from the send amount, and divides this automaticaly, sending the
VAT to the Tax Autority and the rest to the supplier

project 4 - Multi input, sending multiple parameters to SC via HTML

project 5 - Future of Health Insurance Policies

project 6 - Disrupting accountancy by RealTimeTax payments and charges in incoming and outgoing payments

project 7 - Document Hashing Proof on Blockchain including signing

project 8 - Blockchain Based Trust Escrow

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